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By Jayra Rentas Santiago


Pontifical Catholic University of Ponce

Ponce, Puerto Rico.- The artist from Ponce, Fulgen Sabater, was in charge of the work of art that Puerto Rico Events awarded to the Puerto Rican Olympian Javier Culson, the first edition of the Puerto Rico International Athletics Classic.

The ex-athlete from Ponce received the painting from the artist during the opening ceremony of the event at the Francisco "Paquito" Montaner Stadium.

“Once they contacted me, gave me the details and told me that the tribute was for Culson. With that alone he didn't have to know more. Knowing that my work was for a man from Ponce and being able to give something of what I have to an athlete who has given us so much fills me with satisfaction and pride,” Sabatier expressed with emotion after concluding the inauguration.

The painting has vibrant colors among which blue stands out. There is also the yellow, green and red, which represent the logo of the event in which, precisely, the figure of Culson stands out. The painting symbolizes joy and carnival.

“It's always an honor to highlight, not just the glory of winning, but the work that comes with glory. When an athlete wins here we have a party. Look at the stands, look at how people celebrate. In the work I tried to capture precisely that, that joy of the people, that carnival”, explained the artist from Ponce.

“Puerto Rico is the cradle of artists, the cradle of athletes. We really have many resources, many talents and a beautiful city that we must make known”, concluded Sabatier.

At the Opening Ceremony, the musical program was in charge of the Esencia Group, the Salsa Sur Ballet, and the Comparsa de Jossie and Our People with their Vejigantes.

Mayor Ponce, Luis M. Irizarry, welcomed those present during the inauguration; accompanied by Víctor López, competition director of the Athletics Classic.

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