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PONCE, Puerto Rico.- The first edition of the Puerto Rico International Athletics Classic honored the Puerto Rican people by presenting an exciting track and field day at the Francisco “Paquito” Montaner Stadium.

The event featured world and Olympic champions who brought the crowd to their feet at every event.

The results of the day were:

Women's 400 meter sprint

Atting Mu (USA) 50.42 seconds

Gaby Scott (Puerto Rico) 51.42 seconds

Junelle Bromfiled (Jamaica) 51.82 seconds

Men's 400 meter sprint

Kirani Grenada (Grenada) 44.70 seconds

Sean Bailey (Jamaica) 45.42 seconds

Trevor Stewart (USA) 45.42 seconds

Men's Triple Jump

Donald Scott (USA) 16.88 meters

Almir dos Santos (Brazil) 16.77 meters

Chris Benard (USA) 16.76 meters

Men's Shot Put

Ryan Crouser (USA) 22.75 meters

Payton Otterdahl (USA) 20.97 meters

Andrew Liskowitz (USA) 20.55 meters

Men's 110 meter hurdles

Hansle Parchment (Jamaica) 13.15 seconds

Devon Allen (USA) 13.20 seconds

Jamal Britt (USA) 13.30 seconds

Men's 800 meters

Clayton Murphy (USA) 1:45.54 minutes

Michael Saruni (Kenya) 1:46.14 minutes

Ryan Sanchez (Puerto Rico) 1:46.42. minutes

Women's 1500 meters final

Adelle Tracey (Great Britain) 4:05.96

Allie Wilson (USA) 4:06.37

Sadi Henderson (USA) 4:07.10

Men's 300 meters

Steven Gardiner (Bahamas) 31.52 seconds

Vernon Norwood (USA) 31.81 seconds

Nathan Allen (Jamaica) 32.04 seconds

Women's 100 meter Dash

Elaine Thompson-Herah (Jamaica) 10.93 seconds

Michelle-Lee Ahye (Trinidad & Tobago) 11.06 seconds

Shania Collins (USA) 11.08 seconds

Men's 100 meter sprint

Trayvon Bromell (USA) 9.92 seconds

Brandon Carnes (USA) 10.02 seconds

Kyree King (USA) 10.11 seconds

Women's 100 meter hurdles

Alaysha Johnson (USA) 12.50 seconds

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn (Puerto Rico) 12.52 seconds

Danielle Williams (Jamaica) 12.67 seconds

Male High Jump

Jamal Wilson (Bahamas) 2.22 meters

Jeron Robison (USA) 2.17 meters

Luis Joel Castro Rivera (Puerto Rico) 2.17 meters

Women's long jump

That Brume (Nigeria) 6.90 meters

Quanesha Burks (USA) 6.65 meters

Tiffany Flynn (USA) 6.54m

Women's pole vault

Sandi Morris (USA) 4.72 meters

Kateria Stefandi (Greece) 4.62 meters

Bridget Guy Williams (USA) 4.52 meters

You can get the complete results of the Athletics Classic at

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